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We do not have a dedicated support team. As such we can only supply advice on the latest version of Rogō please see steps to upgrade to the latest version here.

Application update:

  1. Put your site in maintenance mode.
    1. Your site administrator should be able to advise on the best way to do this at your organisation.
    2. You may wish to use the inbuilt maintenance mode.
  2. Backup current Rogō root directory.
  3. Download and unpack the latest version of Rogō into your web root directory.
  4. Copy config/ from bakup into the new rogo directory.
  5. Data direcotries -

    titleClick here for more information

    If your Rogō data directory is not within the webserver directory you can skip this step.

    If your Rogō  data direcotry is within the webserver directory you will need to copy the following direcotry from your backup to your new Rogō directory:

    1. /media
    2. /users/photos
    3. /email_templates
    4. /theme
    5. /help/staff/images **
    6. /help/student/images **
    7. /qti/imports
    8. /qti/exports

    ** only if you have not been contributing back help images back to the Rogō open source project.

  6. In a browser navigate to the /updates path of Rogō .
  7. Rogō will now check that your system meets some minumum requirements:
    1. If any requirements are not met you will not be able to proceed with update until they are resolved.
    2. Once requirements are met you will be able to proceed to the update screen.
  8. On the update screen you can set the following upgrade options:

    titleClick here to get more information on the options

    SettingDescriptionDefault Value
    DB UsernameDatabase user with permission to make changes to the rogo database.
    DB PasswordPassword for above user.
    Update Staff HelpIf enabled this will refresh the staff help database with the new version from the Rogō open source project.Enabled
    Update Student HelpIf enabled this will refresh the student help database with the new version from the Rogō open source project.Enabled
    Download all translation packsIf enabled this will download and install all available langauge pack for Rogō from

  9. Once updated, a log of the process will be shown highlighting any issues.

  10. If the update was succesful (no fatal errors) you will be given the option to navigate to the configuration screen to complete more advanced settings.

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