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Specific release language packs can be downloaded from

Creating a new Language Pack

New langauges can be added via CrowdIn.

Contributing to the Community

Please get in touch via CrowdIn if you would like to add another language or contribute translations to existing languages.


When a developer adds a new string to Rogō via a pull request to the develop branch it is approved and merged.

Once merged the develop branch is built on the rogo auto test environment. Once All unit and behat tests have passed new strings are uploaded to Crowdin onto a develop branch of the language packs. Translators can now work on these new strings.


When a release branch is finalized in Bitbucket an upload of all new strings on the develop branch to the master branch in Crowdin is triggered.

Gliffysize600namerogo build processpageid42631170See Translations [Community Developers] and /wiki/spaces/ROGO/pages/42631170 (if you are a core developer).