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Question Exclusions


Examiners need to exclude questions when in retrospect they are unfair or ineffective.  Excluding a question takes it out of the reckoning for the total marks for the examination.  Rogo provides examiners with exactly the information needed to effectively exclude this kind of question.


A typical candidate for exclusion would be the following question, shown on the Frequency & Discrimination (U-L) Analysis for the paper:

The correct answer has only been selected by 29% of the upper 27% of the cohort, and by 16% of the lower 27%  Moreover, 19% of the candidates got it right, and the d-value (a correlation coefficient between performance on this question and overall score) is only 13%. 

The external examiner may choose to exclude this question because of these factors.   He will click the  icon.  All options in the question turn red:

The question will no longer contribute to the overall exam mark.  It will however be listed as an Excluded Question in the summary section of the class totals report.

Including a question involves simply clicking on the  icon again.