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Purpose: Stores information about PHP warnings and fatal errors. JavaScript and PHP Notice messages are currently not logged.
Joins: users table.

idint(11)Primary Key – auto increment.
occurreddatetimeDatetime when the error occurred
userIDint(11)ID of the user who experienced the error.
errtypeenum('Notice','Warning','Fatal Error','Unknown')Category of the error
errstrtextThe error message
errfiletextThe file where the error occurred
errlineint(11)Line number where the error occurred
fixeddatetimeDatetime when the error occurred
php_selftextValue of $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']
query_stringtextValue of $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']
request_methodenum('GET','HEAD','POST','PUT','DELETE')Calling method of the script
paperIDmediumint(8) unsignedthe paperID from the papers table
post_datatextdata posted to the script
variableslongtextList of variables passed through by the error handler

See also: Automatic Error Handling