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For current information please use the current ExamSys documentation

Authentication Plugins

If you wish to write a new authentication plugin please view the Authentication Stack API page that will describe the interface needed to write a plugin

ClassPlugin NameDescription
alreadyloggedin.class.phpAlready Logged InAllows you to stay logged in once you have logged in
apache.class.phpApache LoginSupport authentication via Apache modules from .htaccess files eg Basic auth
cosign.class.phpCoSign LoginSupport cosign authentication
demo.class.phpDemo ModeHandles demo functionality at login
fixedlist.class.phpFixed ListAn array of username/passwords
guestlogin.class.phpGuest LoginProvide Guest Login Button and links
impersonation.class.phpImpersonationAllow demo display mode and sysadmin to impersonate other users
internaldb.class.phpInternal DatabaseThe Standard Internal Database Authentication and password update
ldap.class.phpLDAP LoginLDAP Authentication
loginformfields.class.phpLogin Form FieldsAllows extra fields on login box
ltilogin.class.phpLTI LoginSupport authentication via LTI Launch and allows rogo users to be associated with LTI users