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Allows for the presentation of single true/false questions.


The question type was created after the need to import True/False questions from WebCT. These questions have a single stem and no scenario so do not fit the dichotomous question type.

Fit Criterion


  • UI configuration options to allow:
    • Vertical radio buttons
    • Horizontal radio buttons
    • Dropdown list
  • 'Abstain' column should be automatically added when negative marking is used.


Academic staff should be able to specify the number of marks to award if correct and the number (possibly negative) if wrong. Marks correct should range from 1 to 20 and marks incorrect from 0 to -10 with the addition of -0.25 and -0.5.


Feedback includes:

  • Tick/Cross show what the student has got right/wrong
  • Bold options show the correct answers
  • Textual feedback is available (different feedback can be written if the student gets it right as opposed to wrong)
  • If standard setting has been used this should be displayed
  • List of learning objectives that the question is linked to

Limited Save

After a question has locked it should only be possible to change the following aspects:

  • The correct answer
  • Status - only 'Normal' or 'Retired' (not 'Incomplete', 'Experimental' or 'Beta')
  • Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Keywords
  • Teams

Standard Setting

  • There should be one rating per question.

Data Format

Correct Answer

The 'correct' field in the options table is used to store the correct answer: t = true, f = false.

Student Answer

Student answer is stored in the 'user_answer' field of the relevant log table in the following format:

  • t = student selected True
  • f = student selected False
  • u = student left the question Unanswered
  • a = student selected Abstain