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Random Question


A 'container' which allows for a random question to be selected at run-time.


In formative self-assessments it is useful in some situations to randomise which questions are presented to students each time they go in.


  1. This question is randomising within pre-defined question blocks. It is not randomising the presentation of questions on a paper.
  2. They should not be used on summative exams.
  3. Calculation questions are not supported in random question blocks (They will be from 6.0.3)

Fit Criterion


  • At run-time a question is selected at random from the pre-defined block of questions.
  • It is possible to use the same random question block ID multiple times on the same screen.
    • The system knows which 'child' questions have been previously picked and will seek to choose another unique question at random for identical random questions further down the page.
  • When a question is selected by the system all the standard 'rules' of this question type then apply.
  • Once a random question has been selected at runtime for a particular question is must not change when going between screens.


  • Marking should follow the 'rules' of the selected 'child' question.


  • Feedback should follow the 'rules' of the selected 'child' question.

Limited Save

  • Not possible as random questions should not be used in summative exams.

Standard Setting

  • Not possible

Data Format

Correct Answer

  • Stored in whatever way the 'source' question type stores in.

Student Answer

  • Stored in whatever way the 'source' question type stores in.