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2. Web Server Setup

ROGO 7.0.0

Below is a guide on how to setup you web sever for the latest version of Rogō.

If you have a PHP expert or web server administrator you are recommended to contact them for advice first.


See the community release notes for the version of rogo you are installing to see the required PHP version.

Please ensure the following PHP extension are installed and enabled:

  • mysqli

  • curl
  • gd

  • ctype

  • mbstring

  • xml

  • xmlrpc

  • fileinfo

  • zip
  • ldap (optional - only required if ldap authentication is to be used)
  • sockets (optional - only required if Rrserve used for calculation questions)
  • pdo_mysqli (optional - only required if you use oauth)

Non default PHP settings that may require a change in your php.ini:
















Rogō uses the inbuilt PHP email functionality you will need to configure in order for Rogō to use it.

See the manual.


Apache is currently the only supported web server. However, there should be no impediments to using any other web server. Please let us know if you do successfully run Rogō on a non-Apache web server.

See the community release notes for the version of rogo you are installing to see the required Apache version.

Please ensure the following Apache modules are installed and enabled:

  • mod_ssl
  • mod_rewrite
  • mod_headers or mod_expires

File System

When installing Rogō it is recommended that the default data directory is changed to a path outside of the webserver directory. As well as for added security this will make updating Rogō  in the future more seamless as data directories will not need to be moved around.


Most directories in Rogō should be set up to be writable by the owner only:

Exceptions to this rule include the following directories which need to allow higher write privileges for the web server user:

  • rogo data directory
  • rogo config directory - for installation only, so that can be written. This should be changed back to being writable by the owner only after installation.
  • rogo temp directory

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