Building from source

When installing ExamSys from source you are likely to want several things:

You may also want some of the ExamSys plugins


  1. Node.js (the recommended way on a development environment is to manage it via nvm, to allow you to change versions easily)

  2. Install grunt-cli:

    npm install -g grunt-cli

Building an installation

After you have checked out ExamSys you will need to run the following commands:

npm install

this will install many of the packages that are used by ExamSys.

To build all the JavaScript and CSS you will need to run:


Navigate to plugins/texteditor/plugin_tinymce_texteditor then run

Building and install the TinyMCE plugins

Follow the instructions in the TinyMCE plugins to build them.

The built code should be placed inside plugins/texteditor/plugin_tinymce_texteditor/js/plugins

The Maths equation editor directory name should be: maths-equation-editor

The Ruby plugin directory name should be: ruby-annotation


From this point the normal installation instructions should work.

We have a docker environment that allows you to get setup for development quickly