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Release Information

We aim for 2-3 major version releases a calendar year. A major release consists of new functionality, new translations and backend changes. Whereas a minor release usually only contains bug fixes.

For example Rogō 7.4.0  is the latest major release and Rogō 7.4.1 will be the next minor release.

Release Schedule

Note: Only the last minor release for the previous version and the current versions major and minor releases are listed.

ReleaseDateArchiveStatusRelease Notes
6.5.5 zip, gz, bz2UNSUPPORTEDCommunity Release Notes
7.0.5 gzUNSUPPORTEDCommunity Release Notes
7.2.3 gzUNSUPPORTEDCommunity Release Notes
7.3.0 gzUNSUPPORTEDCommunity Release Notes
7.4.6gzSUPPORTEDCommunity Release Notes

Bug Fixes

In most situations bug fixes are only applied to the latest stable major branch i.e. 7.4.X currently.