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For current information please use the current ExamSys documentation

Developing with TinyMCE

As outlines in Rogo include two TinyMCE plugins; the maths equation editor and the ruby annotator.

Both of these are provided built in a rogo release.

Instructions for development

If you want to make changes you will need to download the separate plugin repos and build them.


  • Checkout the required repo

  • See documentation for more information about creating plugins

  • See documentation for more information about creating icon packs

  • If you make any changes:

    • Run yarn build to create dist directory

    • Copy dist/<plugin name> into /plugins/texteditor/plugin_tinymce_texteditor/js/plugins/ to test changes locally

    • Submit changes to plugin repo (not core rogo)

      • please update version.txt

      • please update CHANGELOG.txt

  • Once a new version is finalised an artifact of the dist dir should be place on the corresponding downloads page in bitbucket for the plugin