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Role combinations

From Rogo 7.2.0 Admins will be able to select roles that are assigned to a user individually but only certain combinations will be valid:

Roles may be selected from any combination of groupings:

  1. Staff grouping

  2. Student grouping

  3. System grouping

In the Staff grouping roles may only be used together if they are in the same group

  1. Staff, Admin, SysAdmin, Standards Setter

  2. Internal Reviewer

  3. left

  4. Inactive Staff

  5. External Examiner

  6. Invigilator

In the Student grouping only a single role may be selected.

  1. Student

  2. graduate

  3. Suspended

  4. Locked

In the System grouping only a single role may be selected (You should not assign this to normal users)

  1. SysCron