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Demo Mode


Demo mode is designed to hide sensitive information (e.g. student names and IDs). It is useful when Rogo could be demonstrated to a broad audience who you do not want to share the sensitive information with, for example, a demonstration at a conference.

Coding Support

Any page you wish to obscure sensitive information should include /include/ It has a number of useful functions:

id_demoTrue = system is in demo mode, False = it is in normal mode.
demo_replaceTakes a string (e.g. a name) and returns an obscured version. For example, 'Simon' becomes 'Abcde'
demo_replace_numberTakes a number (e.g. student ID) and returns an obscured version. For example, '40010' becomes '12345678'.
demo_replace_usernameTakes a username and returns # characters.
demo_replace_nameTakes a name and returns some famous IT names instead.


Sensitive information should normally be considered to be personally identifiable fields such as first names, family name, student ID, etc. Data such as marks is only sensitive when it is associated with a real user. For example, If Joe Bloggs gets 80% that is sensitive. But if Abc Abcdef gets 80% then Joe's identity is protected. This is much more effective than changing the marks because if you saw Joe Bloggs got 75% it is not the true 80% but a conference could mistakenly think Joe did actually score 75%.