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Curriculum Map


Curriculum mapping within Rogo is a way of aligning questions with desired objectives or outcomes. The benefits of doing this include:

  • Improves communication amoung faculty
  • Improves programme coherence - shows which outcomes are assessed
  • Encourages reflective practice in students when objective-based feedback is used

Sources of Objectives

There are two available sources of objectives that can be used for curriculum mapping: 1) internally held objectives within Rogo, or 2) link to an external curriculum mapping system through an API. Rogo has built-in support for the first type. Depending on the curriculum mapping software used a custom web service may need to be written for systems in the second category.

Internal Objectives

The text of internally held Rogo objectives is stored in the objectives table. The are held in container sessions.


The relationships table is used to store the actual mappings between questions and objectives.

A key principle of curriculum mapping is that of the academic year. Because a curriculum can evolve over time all objectives are stored against a particular academic year. Mappings are then performed between a paper on an academic year and objectives in the same year. This allows the curriculum to evolve over the years but still keep an accurate archive of mappings in previous years. Academic years are in the format of YYYY/YY (e.g. 2014/15).



/mapping/paper_by_session.phpLists all objectives in order. Objectives that are mapped to a question in the current paper are displayed in black and the question number in orange. This report is designed to show objective sampling.
/mapping/paper_by_question.phpLists all mapped questions beneath each question (in question order).
/mapping/paper_by_year.phpTries to list in a matrix style objectives from papers in the same module across multiple academic years. Designed to give a high level overview of how assessment has changed over the years.
/reports/cohort_obj_perform.phpObjective acquisition for the cohort as a whole (traffic light icons). Designed to give a high level overview showing the best and worst answered objectives.


/students/objectives_feedback.phpObjective acquisition for the current student (traffic light icons). Designed to give a high level overview showing the best and worst answered objectives.