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Objectives-based Feedback


Rogo can either provide objectives-based feedback on: 1) objectives held internally within Rogo, or 2) objectives from an external system (e.g. curriculum map) through an API. What determines which are module settings accessible by SysAdmin user through the Administrtative Tools section.


In /config/ there is a line that controls which external systems are linked. In the example below two are set up: UoNCM and NLE.

$vle_apis = array('UoNCM' => '', 'NLE' => '');

These names them map to PHP classes in /plugins/CM/ directory. 'CM_' is prefixed to the name, so, for example, the UoNCM class would be CM_UoNCM.class.php.


The main script that student view to see their objective-based feedback is: students/objectives_feedback.php

This script works by calling function getObjectivesByMapping() and then looping over the returned objectives. It uses the IDs in 'mapped' to point to questions. For the current user it will total the total possible marks for each question and the marks the student actually was awarded. A radio is then produced which is the student mark divided by the total possible marks. Icons are then displayed using:

>=0.8Green circle
>=0.5Amber square
<0.5Red triangle

The reason why different shapes are used in addition to colours is to avoid confusion between red and green for colourblind users.

When displayed to a user all the objectives are sorted in ratio order so the highest acquisition (greens) are at the top. Relative refers to the current user's score relative to the mean of the cohort. A positive number is the current user is performing better than the cohort average, a negative number worse. 'Q no' refers to how many questions are mapped to an objective.