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IMS Enterprise

ROGO 6.1.0

This enrolment method will check for and process a specially-formatted text file in the location that you specify. The file must follow the IMS Enterprise specifications containing person, group, and membership XML elements.

This plugin is capable of creating new faculties, programmes, schools, modules and users.

\plugins\ims\cron.php should be called on your system cron on a regular basis.

You will probably want to call it via a bash shell script along the lines of:


TIMESTAMP=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S")

if [ ! -f /var/www/rogocron/ims.lock ]
        touch /var/www/rogocron/ims.lock
                cd /var/www/html/plugins/ims
                php cron.php > /var/www/rogolog/ims.log.${TIMESTAMP}
                rm -rf /var/www/rogocron/ims.lock

The following settings are available:

These settings allow you to specify where the IMS enterprise file is located and wether to enable DTD validation or not.

These settings control user functionality within Rogō.

These settings control user role mapping from the IMS standard to Rogō.

These settings control module functionality within Rogō.

These are some additional settings.

The code is based on the IMS Enterprise code within Moodle.


This functionality can be enabled by setting cfg_ims_enabled to true in the configuration screen.