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Rserve Integration

Since Rogo 5.1 the Calculation question type can use R and requires Rserve to function correctly. This is a quick guide to setting up Rserve on ubuntu.

  1. Install R
  2. Install Rserve
    1. set any required http proxies
    2. Start R
    3. Install Rserve within R
    4. test Rserve
> library(Rserve)
> Rserve()

you should see "Rserve started in daemon mode." > q() Stop the spawned demon $ killall -s9 Rserve

  1. Create the Rserve user ($ add user rserve) #may want to disable SSH and other access for this user
  2. Configure Rserve (see the example config in the Rogo root /config)
  3. Launch
$ su rserve 
$ R CMD Rserve --no-save --RS-conf /path/to/your/config.file
  1. Configure firewall rules if required
  2. Set the Rserve in the configuration screen.

Rserve can be run on any server and is not needed during an exam. This function is still in rapid development so some of this may change and work on the performance implications and optimization is ongoing.

The Rserve integration in Rogo requires that PHP has the sockets extension enabled