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7. External System Integration

LDAP Authentication

All authentication is initially conducted with an internal authentication data store held within Rogō. The main reasons for using an encyrpted local data source are:

  • Maximise resiliance - an exam can continue without interuption even if the connection is lost to the LDAP server.
  • Network traffic is minimised to the LDAP server especially in large summative exams.
  • The local authentication can be extended to include uses such as External Examiners who may not have LDAP details.

Every page is initially authenticated locally and only if the data does not match does it do a second LDAP lookup. If the LDAP lookup is successful then the password is stored locally (encrypted).

LDAP configuration settings can be found in the configuration file.

Importing Student Records


Please see the API page - API, for detailed information on the new API methodology.

Campus Solutions

Pleae see the plugin page -  plugin_cs_sms.

IMS Enterprise

Pleae see the IMS page -  IMS Enterprise.

Calulation Question Engine

The calulation question can either use the inbuily php maths engine or it can use R. Server setup steps can be found here. Rogo can be setup to use Rrserve in the configuration screen.

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