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Timed Exams


For timed exams to work a checkbox in the module settings needs to be selected.

Note: This setting is for summative exams only. Progressive test and Formative Quizzes have a timer set if a duration is provided in the paper settings.

Database table: modules


When an assessment is untimed the clock in the blue status bar at the bottom of the screen will show the current time. When an assessment is in timed mode this will show a countdown timer.

Formative Quiz

Timed durations on Formative Quizzes start from when a candidate begins the paper. There is no option to reset the timer for a student on a formative quiz, the student can simply start the quiz again at any time.

Progress Test

Timed durations on Progress Test assessments start from when a candidate begins the paper.

The Class Totals report has an option to 'Reset Timer'. Any member of staff who can access the Class Totals report can perform the reset.

Summative Exams

Summative Exams are designed not to have a dynamic end time based on when the student started, but instead to have a common end time for the cohort based on what computer lab they are in. Exam timing is initiated on the Invigilator screens. It is designed so that different labs can have different end times. It is possible that in a situation where the same exam is split over multiple labs that some of the labs may not start at exactly the same time. Thus, each lab will have its own record in the log_lab_end_time table. Student client computers know which lab they are in by looking up IP address or machine name in the client_identifiers table and linking this to a lab in the labs table.

Database tables: log_lab_end_timelabs and client_identifiers

Special Considerations:

  1. Rogo needs to automatically re-calculate the end time of candidates with additional time.
  2. Invigilators need to be able to alter the end time of an exam for the lab that they are in. This will affect all students in the affected lab.
  3. Invigilators need to be able to extend the end time of a single candidate to take into account unforeseen circumstances.