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The Problem

The are times when, for whatever reason, a cohort as a whole has performed poorly on an item. As a result the academic responsible for the assessment may choose to take the question out. In the past this would be done by exporting marks to Excel and then chopping various columns out. However, there is in-built support for this activity in Rogo.

The Solution

Object: /classes/exclusion.class.php
DB Table: question_exclude

The above object simply returns existing question exclusions for a paper or sets them. Code is still needed to perform the necessary UI functionality (e.g. scored out in red) and the necessary removal of marks.


The Class Totals report will update the adjmark field to reflect any question exclusions. So a student may score 1 in the mark field because they got it correct but have zero in adjmark because the question was excluded post-exam.


  • Adjust student score taking into account question exclusions.
  • Adjust the paper total possible marks taking into account exclusions.
  • Adjust standard setting ratings taking into account exclusions.
  • Adjust the UI to show exclusions.
    • Paper details screen
    • Frequency & Discrimination Report
    • Students' exam scripts