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Killer Questions


Ability to include essential questions within an e-OSCE station. A student scoring zero on any essential question would automatically fail the OSCE.


Some aspects of an OSCE station are seen as so important that failure to pass them should result in a student failing the whole station. An example of such a ‘killer’ question could be ‘student introduces themself to patient’.

Fit Criterion

  • Staff should be able to click on a question within an OSCE station paper and toggle on/off it's killer question status using an option in the sidebar menu (this option should not be there for non-OSCE paper types). A suitable icon will be displayed to indicate the status of each question.
  • The 'Class Totals' reports show the normal pass/fail classification. An additional icon is displayed next to any 'fail' classifications which are caused due to a killer question, as opposed to general low score on the paper overall.
  • On the staff marking form killer questions should be highlighted with a small killer question icon in the margin.
  • On a students' exam script suitable killer question icons are displayed next to all killer questions on the paper. Additional highlighting is used to indicate if a student scored zero on one of the killer questions. If a killer question is activated then the overall classification is automatically 'Fail', this could override the original classification given at the time of the OSCE.