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New Question Types

Creating New Question Types (Old syle)

When starting to develop a brand new question type for Rogo there are a number of different pieces of functionality which must be considered:

  • Add and Edit screens
  • Presentation interface (
  • Marking/Feedback interface (, and
  • Class Totals report (
  • Frequency Discrimination Analysis report
  • Marks Export
  • Response Export
  • Standards Setting
  • External/Internal Reviewers screens

If the new question type uses custom data formats, like Image Hotspot or Labeling, it is particularly important to document these formats.

New Question type format

We have recently been redesigning the way in which questions are integrated into rogo. This is an ongoing process and only one type question (Calculation question) is in the new format. The goal is to move all the functionality required for each question type into its own set of classes stored in /plugins/questions/<Question Type>. This is to address the complexities and hidden dependencies inherent in the old system.

All questions must implement the new question interface found in /classes/question.interface.php

An example of this can be found in the new Enhanced calculation question found in /plugins/questions/enhancedcalc/

N.B question add and edit screens are still separate and live in (/questions/add/ and /questions/edit)