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 Table Name Purpose
access_logRecords page accesses (student homepage, question-based feedback report, question-based feedback report, etc)
academic_yearHold information on the available academic sessions
admin_accessUsed to grant school-level access permissions to staff with 'Admin' rights.
announcementsDisplays notices on the staff and student homepages.
audit_logTracks changes to user permissions (added in Rogo 7.4.0)
cache_median_question_marksHolds the mean and median performance of a question on a particular paper.
cache_paper_statsHolds statistics of the performance of a paper. Used in the Performance Summary reports.
cache_student_paper_marksHolds student marks/percent by paper. Used in the Performance Summary reports.
campusHold information on campuses at the institution
class_totals_test_localUsed to hold information on the testing of papers between Class Totals report and individual student scripts.
client_identifiersHolds individual IP addresses of computers in a particular lab. Used to lock down security for summative exams
configStores configuration items
coursesHolds course information (BA, MSC, etc)
denied_logStores information when a user receives an access denied warning (staff or students)
ebelHolds data from the two Ebel grids at the bottom of the standard setting screen.
ebel_grid_templatesHolds default Ebel grid values in named templates.
exam_announcementsUsed to make mid-exam announcements to invigilators and students.
extra_cal_datesAdds extra dates into the summative exam calendar.
facultyHolds list of Faculties used in the institution.
feedback_releaseControls the date when objectives-based feedback can be released to students.
foldersStores data pertaining to personal folders.
folders_modules_staffJoining table between folders and modules. Controls which modules a folder is on.
help_logTracks page accesses in the staff and student help systems.
help_searchesHolds information on searches conducted within the online help systems.
help_tutorial_logHolds a log of which users accessed the online tutorials in the help system.
hofsteeHolds data regarding Hofstee standard setting.
keywords_questionHolds which keywords are linked to which questions.
keywords_userStores the text of keywords for both individual users and teams.
killer_questionsHolds which questions are set to be 'killer' questions.
labsHolds information about student computer labs.
log0Holds responses for Formative (Quiz) assessments.
log0_deletedWhen SysAdmin uses 'Clear Old Logs' the old records from 'log0' are moved to 'log0_deleted'.
log1Holds responses for Progress Test assessments.
log1_deletedWhen SysAdmin uses 'Clear Old Logs' the old records from 'log1' are moved to 'log1_deleted'.
log2Holds responses for Summative assessments.
log3Holds responses for Surveys.
log4Holds responses for OSCE assessments.
log4_overallHolds responses for OSCE assessments.
log5Holds responses for Offline papers. The idea of an offline paper is to effectively have a question skeleton. Into this marks are loaded and compared with mapped learning objectives to give students feedback.
log6Holds responses for Peer Review assessments.
log_extra_timeHolds the amount of extra time given to a specific user on a specific assessment.
log_lab_end_timeHolds the end time of an assessment for a specific lab (different labs can have different end times).
log_lateStores any data submitted after the end date of a paper for Progress Tests and Summative exams.
log_metadataHolds metadata against log0, log1, log2, log3 and log5.
log_metadata_deletedWhen SysAdmin uses 'Clear Old Logs' the old records from 'log_metadata' are moved to 'log_metadata_deleted'.
lti_contextHolds the link information between lti context and the rogo course.
lti_keysHolds the lti keys information.
lti_resourceHolds the link information between lti resourse and the rogo paper.
lti_userHolds the link information between the lti user and the rogo user.
marking_overrideStores data on manually overridden marks (e.g. human corrected calculation questions).

Stores the media details added to question/option (added in Rogo 7.2)

modulesHolds module information.
modules_staffStores staff module membership data.
modules_studentHolds student module enrolments.
objectivesWhen not obtaining learning objectives from a VLE through an API Rogo can store objectives internally - this table is for this purpose.
optionsHolds the options of a question.
options_mediaStores the media references for an option (added in Rogo 7.2)

Holds the textual feedback/percentages to use for formative papers.

paper_metadataUsed for additional paper metadata, such as the Safe Exam Browser keys. (added in Rogo 7.2)
paper_metadata_securityUsed to extend the access security on a paper using metadata information.
paper_notesRecords notes pertaining to a whole paper. Most common uses would be to make a note about a question that had incorrect information or a fire alarm.
papersStores which questions are on a paper.
paper_settingsStore a papers settings (added in Rogo 7.2)
paper_settings_categoryStores paper setting categories (added in Rogo 7.2)
paper_settings_settingStores paper setting definitions (added in Rogo 7.2)
password_tokensUsed to store tokens used during password reset process.
performance_detailsStores general performance information for a question (date, cohort size, etc).
performance_mainStores specific P and D values a question or parts of a question.

Stores general setup information for a paper.

properties_modulesJoining table between properties and modules. Controls which modules a paper is on.
properties_reviewersHolds which internal and external reviewers are assigned to which papers.
question_excludeStores data about which questions have been excluded post-exam for a summative paper.
question_statusesHolds the available statuses that can be assigned to a question.
questionsHolds most of the data used by an individual question. See options table for the rest of the data.
questions_mediaStores the media references for a question (added in Rogo 7.2)
questions_metadataExtensible table to allow any metadata information to be associated with a question.
questions_modulesJoining table between questions and modules. Controls which modules a question is on.
recent_papersStores the IDs of recently accessed papers. Used on the staff homepage to show last 10 papers accessed.
reference_materialStore title, content and width of sidebar reference material.
reference_modulesHolds which modules can use a particulare reference material.
reference_papersHolds which papers are using which reference materials.
relationshipsStores relationship pairs between questions and objectives.
retentionStores the number of days data for a particular function should be stored
review_commentsStores external examiner and internal reviewer comments. Used mainly for summative exams.
review_metadataHolds general information about a review of a paper.
rolesStores the roles that a user can be assigned (from Rogo 7.2.0)
save_fail_logStores information about when saves fail.
schedulingHolds a exam scheduling information for Summative Exam Scheduling
schoolsHolds a list of schools by faculty. One of the main places this information is used is 'All Modules' link from the homepage.
sct_reviewsStores answers and reasons of reviewers of a Script Concordance Test (SCT) paper.
sessionsHolds data about a session (or activity) which is a container into which objectives can be structured.
sidHolds an institution student ID against a student user account.
sms_importsStores data about enrolment/deletion changes made on nightly module enrolements from SMS system. A record is used per module.
special_needsSaves custom settings for students identified as having special needs. The special_needs field in users should be set to 1 to indicate special needs.
staff_helpStores pages for the staff online help system.
stateStores various user-interface states (i.e. checkboxes).
std_setParent record of a standard setting review session.
std_set_questionsHolds an individual standard set rating for a question.
student_helpStores pages for the student online help system.
student_notesUsed for creating notes for specific students/papers to records such things as computer crashes or feeling ill, etc.
sys_errorsStores information about PHP warnings and fatal errors. JavaScript and PHP Notice messages are currently not logged.
sys_updatesStores what updates have been applied to the current Rogo installation
temp_usersUsed for summative exams for students who cannot log in for whatever reason. Student fills in their personal details that can be matched up after the exam.
textbox_markingStores human assigned marks for textbox question type.
textbox_remarkHolds records for which students should be remarked by a second marker for a particular paper.
toilet_breaksRecords information about when a student has taken a toilet break (summative exams).
track_changesStores changes to data. Mainly used to log changes to questions.
user_rolesStores the roles assigned to a user (from Rogo 7.2.0)
usersHolds information about users (staff, students and external examiners).
users_metadataUsed to add additional data to student accounts. This could be group information, preferences, sites, etc. It is based around academic years and module IDs.

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