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Text Box


Allows for the incorporation of either a plain text or WYSIWYG textboxes to capture open-ended student textual responses.


Textbox question types can be useful for answering short notes type questions on an assessment. They are also useful for capturing qualitative information from surveys.

Fit Criterion


  • Choice between plain text and WYSIWYG modes
  • Choice of rendering widths/heights.
  • When editing allow staff to include 'reminders' for when marking.



  • Model answer
  • Any terms found within the student answer should be highlighted. This facility is probably more useful with Formative Quizzes where the student answer may not be marked by a member of staff.
  • Student mark out of possible number.
  • List of learning objectives that the question is linked to.

Limited Save

After a question has locked it should only be possible to change the following aspects:

  • Add/edit reminders
  • Number of marks if correct
  • General feedback
  • Status
  • Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Keywords
  • Teams

Standard Setting

Data Format

Correct Answer

Text box questions do not have an objectively correct answer such as an MCQ. However, there are pieces if information that can assist lecturers when marking:

  • Model answer - stored in 'correct_fback' field in the questions table.
  • Terms (keywords) - stored in a JSON encoded string held in the 'settings' field in the questions table.
  • Reminders - each reminder is stored in its own record in the options table.

Student Answer

The text of what the student types is stored in the 'user_answer' field of the relevant log table.