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Question Bank Dialog


The Questions Bank dialog selects questions from the bank.  You will frequently encounter this when working with questions and papers:

Context Selector

Allows filtering of questions based purely upon context.  There are the following options:

    • My Unused questions:  shows all questions that have not been used on any paper
    • All My Questions: All the questions you own
    • By Keywords: All you personal keywords and keywords for modules for which you are a member
    • By Status: Shows a list of folders that collect questions by status:  Normal, Incomplete, Beta, Retired or Experimental
    • By Paper: Lists papers by both type and team, and allows drilling down to individual papers
    • By Team:  Lists teams and allows drilling down to papers
    • Search: Free text search, allows specification or paper type and/or owner.

Where selection of an option leads to folders being displayed, the user can then drill down to the question selector pane to display individual questions

Question Selector

The question selector lists a table of questions.  

  • Clicking on the lead-in for the question displays the question detail in the preview pane
  • Ticking a checkbox selects the question for inclusion.

Add Questions Button

Adds any questions to the module or paper from which the dialog was invoked.