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MathJax Support

ROGO 6.4.0

Rogo supports high-quality display of mathematical formulae, both in-line and display formats, using MathJax.  Rogo's implentation of Mathjax assumes familiarity with LaTeX. The LaTeX code can be inputted into any textbox in an exam script or question creation screen.

LaTeX markup should be placed between one of the following pairs of delimiters:

$$...$$ - inline math

$$$...$$$ - display math

This is different to conventional LaTeX markup, which uses $...$ and $$...$$ respectively.


Textbox questions can use the MathJax type for student answers. This allows students to use MathJax and see the math rendered during an exam:


Question Creation

If Rogo is using the TinyMCE editor then admins can preview the MathJax they have entered using the Preview button:

If the TinyMCE editor is not available, then the plain text editor can be used when creating questions:


MathJax will be rendered  in text box marking and the frequency discrimination report.


MathJax will be rendered in peer and external reviews.