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Mark OSCE Station


OSCE Stations are marked by an examiner who monitors a candidate and completes a checklist.  There are several phases to this.

Pick the station

If only one station is running, Rogo will; direct the examiner to it.  If there is more than one, the examiner will need to pick a station.

The examiner clicks the name of the paper:

Pick a candidate

Once the examiner has clicked a paper, he sees the list of candidates. Bold candidates have not yet been marked:  grayed candidates are marked.  Clicking A-Z at the page header will jump to the relevant group of names.


Marking a candidate

The examiner then clicks a candidate.  This displays the mark sheet.  The examiner simply clicks a score in each row to mark the candidate.  All questions must be scored.

The column  footers contain a running count (not total) of the number of scores awarded so far.


Once the examiner has awarded all scores, he awards a clear pass, borderline or fail score.  He also records any comments in the Feedback section: