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Computer Labs


Rogo allows control of which computers can be used to sit examinations.  Computers reside in a computer lab, and Rogo manages them through the Computer Labs screen.  

The screen lists computer labs alphabetically by site and then by lab name.  Clicking a lab selects it.  Double clicking a lab navigates to its home screen.


Labs are organised into campuses.


Managing a Lab

You manage a lab by double clicking the computer icon next to it.  Computers are listed in alphabetical order of computer name and display IP addresses as well.  Also, the lab location details are displayed.  

Labs can be edited by clicking Edit, which gives access to the same functions as the Create new Lab screen.

Creating a New Lab

Click the Create New Lab link on the sidebar to launch the Create New Lab screen.  You will be asked to supply a name, campus (site), building and room number.  The bandwidth selection will default to High.

You may also supply ancillary information for people dealing with Timetabling, IT support and Plagiarism incidents.   

Type or cut/paste the IP addresses of the computers in the large text box.  When you are finished, click Save.

Deleting a Lab

Select the Lab by clicking it, then click Delete Lab in the sidebar.  You will be asked to confirm the operation:

All IP addresses associated with the Lab are deleted.

Paper Types

Assigning labs to a paper is a security measure and is highly recommended when sitting formal exams. However, it is often the case that institutions want students to do some exams outside of a lab. This is possible for all papers types.

The only caveat is that a Summative exam does require some form of security, as such if a lab is not set then a password must be and vice-versa.