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Labelling Specification


Labelling questions are rather like Fill-in-the-Blank questions, except that an image is used to organize the blanks.  Students drag labels from a pool onto the diagram and score marks if they are located correctly.

Labelling questions can employ Mark per Option or Mark per Question marking.


The question type supports the standard preamble and postamble. The most significant difference between this question type and others is the Image editor. The Image Editor supports images of up to 900x800 pixels as background images.


First, the setter is prompted to import the main image and any images associated with labels:


Clicking the Upload images for labels link prompts the user to choose up to 6, 200 x 200 pixel files.

The setter then enters labels into the column on the left, along with the distractors he wants to include.  He then drags labels onto their correct position on the diagram and then leaves the distractors in place.

If the setter prefers, he can use dropdown lists instead of draggable labels by clicking the  icon on the toolbar:

Single and Multi-use labels

Single use labels can only be dragged onto the diagram once.  Multi-use labels may be dragged on many times, and remain in the pool after being used.  

Select  from the toolbar before dragging a label onto the diagram to create a multi-use label.  Select  before dragging to create a single use label.  Labels are single use by default.

Draggable label and Drop-down list

All of the labels on the image can be set to either be a text label  or a drop down list .

Drop down lists are only compatible with singel-use labels. Repeated labels can only be a text label.

Graphic Labels

Graphics can be imported at the same time as the main image to be used as labels in their own right.  Graphical and text labels can be mixed in the same question.  The question below shows the wolf spider being dragged to its correct location on the diagram.



 Marks are awarded either for the entire question or per option, depending upon the Marking Method selected.