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Script Concordance Test Specification


The Script Concordance tests reasoning ability given information.  The Clinical Vignette describes the original presentation of the problem.  The student then assesses the likelihood of the hypothesis, in the light of new information.  Multiple SCTs are bundled up into 'cases'.


The setter supplies the clinical vignette, hypothesis and new information.  The setter must also supply the likelihood options along with the number of experts who concur with that option.

Expert Review

Paper owner places a password and emails this to the experts they wish to review the paper. The experts log in (not a standard Rogo account) and are presented with the questions as the students would see them. The expert selects the answer they think most appropriate and provides a brief textual reason behind their answer. After the deadline for review has expired the academic then uses the 'SCT Responses/Reasons' report to gain an overview of all the experts' responses. A 'Save' button will then populate these number in the actual questions ready for marking.

During the Exam

Students respond as they would to a multiple choice answer, selecting preferred options.

Post Exam

Rogo marks the question, assigning a fractional mark between 0 and 1 based upon how many experts concurred with the selected option as a fraction of the maximum number of experts concurring with any option.